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Rat Race Retirement

We all dream about the day  we can happily retire in a coastal village.  Greeting everyone as you pass them by,  because they are not just people but “your people” now,  and you know all of their stories because this is small town living.  Your days consists of   waking up without an alarm clock,  going for an early run or walk on the beach (conditions depending,  even a surf).  Going for a coffee at your local coffee shop,  greeting all the locals and chatting away about all that happened in the last 24 hours.  You sit back,  sip your coffee and switch on your laptop….as always looking at the weather / surf reports first to organise your day.

Being “retired” you will also suddenly have time to spend on starting,  or managing a small business (something you have always dreamt of doing).  Most probably a business that will make the world a better place because you are not chasing the illusive golden goose anymore.

I read a book a couple of years ago by Tim Ferris entitled the 4 hour work week.  This book set in motion what is now large aspects of my life.  I have always believed that living and enjoying life was possible,  and not only when we reach the age of 60 (probably more like 75 these days).

Reading motivational books (other people’s success stories) is usually something that inspires immediately,  wears of in 30 minutes and pretty soon you are back to thinking that some are just so damn lucky to live the way they do.  My “lucky break” came when I was retrenched:)  Nothing says ‘howzit’ (South African slang for an emphasized hello) better than a 100% pay cut.

Was the retrenchment my big shift…who knows.  What I do know 4 years later is that

1:  Life is shorter than we think.

2:  To much worry will kill you.

3:  Have faith in the “universe”,  others and yourself.

4:  Interact with nature.

5:  If your gut tells you to be good to others,  act on it! (Smiling counts)

I have to this day not made millions (I am not saying I won’t:)  But I wake up almost every morning without an alarm clock.  I go for a run / or a surf most mornings.  I go to my favorite coffee shop most days and greet locals I have not seen for 24 hours.  I sit back,  take my first sip of coffee and turn on my laptop.  I open my mail client,  but before I scan my inbox and sneak a peek at the weather charts,  I close my eyes and with the smell of coffee and the promise of a great day I quote Jerry,  “I love my wife and I love my life”.

I wish you my kind of happiness (most days).

One of my “office” locations

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act on inspiration and enjoy the ride

The problem with good quotes and sayings are that they almost always seem “corny” and dare I say “fake”.  I am not 100% sure what the purpose of this blog is,  but I have 2 things in mind.

1:  I would like to inspire other people to live a slower life and a life where you decide what happens and when it happens on a daily basis.

2:  I would like other like-minded people to inspire me in the way they live their lives on a day-to-day basis.  I want substance behind the text ,  in the same way I hope to add “realness” to my writing.

There would be very little point in writing ‘fiction’ when it comes down to the actual job of living.  And this I think is what a lot of us are doing at the moment (me included!)  We live a fictional life,  in our minds it sounds awesome but we hardly ever get further than the mental projection of what we hope and dream about.  With my ramblings I hope to transfer my mind to paper (interweb:) and then somehow be inspired to take my “text” and make it real.

Back to the ‘corny’ quote.  For the record,  this is actually an original quote (unfortunately not mine,  but I will take some credit because I was part of the discussion where it was born).  This quote belongs to my best friend and long-suffering business partner.  We are constantly making decisions about how we want to live our lives as individuals and as families and it was uttered in one of those long asynchronous gchat sessions.

I wish I can say I live by this quote 100%.  Although I don’t fully yet,  sometimes when this quote presents itself in the ‘real’ world  I realize that opportunity is knocking (sometimes screaming and kicking me in the knee) and usually when I act on it,  it leads to something,  or opens another road less travelled which causes me to enjoy the ride.  It might seem that I am a carefree techno hippie,  but despite my so-called ‘enlightenment’,  I worry and fret about the dumbest things I have no control over (Mostly money.  Either the protection of the little I have,  or how to get more so I can worry further about protecting it:)

Admittedly I am sometimes scared of inspiration,  or more accurately the failure of said inspiration.  How many times have we not acted on something because we just do not have the power to live with another failure.  Maybe the inspiration was just an opportunity to enjoy the ride.

We are so competition driven that ‘inspiration’ has a difficult job in inspiring.  I see this every day in my own life.  I spend a lot of time in the ocean and as my surfing journey progresses I catch myself often looking at other surfers and being angry at myself for not being on the same skill level.  Imagine this…I am in the water,  the sun is setting,  whales and dolphins swim les than 10m from me and I am angry because I am not as good as other surfers.

How many priceless opportunities do we miss because we are driven to succeed instead of driving with the top down,  wind in our hair and being inspired by the joy of the ride.

This picture was taken this morning and this is how a Monday should start:)


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‘Awe’-ness (Howzit, Sick, Cool, Power, chill and agreement)

Being very new to the blogging world and community it seems fitting to open with Awe. A word that initially had very little meaning until 2 years ago. Now the mere sound of it shows something of how life can change and that what we initially thought to be extremely important disappears as we discover more and more where we are supposed to fit into the world and that big screen tv’s might not be a goal:)

The above I had to learn the hard way, and we can say that I will be “paying” for my indiscretions(tv’s) for some time in the future but from a different perspective.

I have found a new rhythm for my life (although I might miss a beat from time to time), you can say I am almost desperately fighting for zen on a daily basis and from time to time I almost “get it”.

I am tired of plastic (Cards, People, Bottles, Music, TV). I am however very much interested in people who are real. That live in the real world, that work in the real world and that dream in the real world. I want to form part of that community of people where we care more about “people” and nature than we care about our jobs and what we can buy with our jobs. I am sure I will on many occasions refer to “work” and I will be lambasted for my views;)  Do not get me wrong,  I myself am an entrepreneur and I also need a bit of “show me the money”.  It might even be conceivable that I make more money than I need,  and what a blessing this would be.  I am however not willing to sacrifice my freedom for ‘stuff’.

I am excited about this journey of blogging and hopefully inspiring and being inspired as we go along. Blogging for me is almost a way to keep myself, my ideas and my goals in check and on track because there are people who might find my life style interesting. Worse case scenario this might be a very good example of what not to do with your life:) To interact with like-minded people, to dream with like-minded people is what will hopefully bring change in all our lives.

It seems to be another semi spectacular day in the town that I call home. I went for an early morning run and what could be better than running on a cliff path meters from the ocean and seeing a baby whale calf not more than 2 meters away from you, bobbing up and down that close to the rocks. Suddenly what you thought was of utmost importance as you planned your day disappears and you are filled with peace, joy and a sense that the world will give back when you are present.

On the menu today is trying to convince companies that they should move away from paper and rather use mobile technologies to deliver information to clients. The waves are fairly non-existent, and this bodes well for my surfing progression. With a little bit of luck some snorkeling as well. Then spending some time on getting students to attend our “Kick Start your Gap Year 2013” in Hermanus( and last but not least if the weather plays along a braai with my wife and some chilled chardonnay.


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