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Defending the lifestyle… passionately!

Not having time to surf means you are to busy! Nice pic by my nice niece...Simi!

Not having time to surf means you are to busy!
Nice pic by my nice niece…Simi!

We have all been told that once you find your passion,  you are 90% closer to living a fulfilling life doing what you were born to do.

Being engulfed in a life changing experience because of your passion is what we are all dreaming about.  The glaring problem is that 90% of us don’t really have this driving passion for something specific.  For many years this was a big issue for me.  How can I not have this absolute driving motivation to save the planet.  For a period I had this drive to impact the youth in some way.  It felt like it was my destiny…or better yet my calling.  After many years,  I can see that I did not have a calling to do anything specific,  let me explain before you lose all respect for me.

After watching this video by Cal Newport my life was slightly transformed from moving away from desperately seeking this one thing that will make my life the “the next big life”,  or desperately looking for “passion” to give meaning to my life.  Most of us are trapped by this because we hear and see all these wonderful stories about people that followed their passion and succeeded.  We hear it being preached in schools,  churches and by a legion of motivational speakers.  Follow your passion and your life will make sense and you will be fulfilled.  The question now is what if you do not have this driving passion for something specific?

There are a few things I am passionate about…I love surfing,  I love being an entrepreneur,  I love travelling,  I love helping kids get into surfing,  I love to teach people how the ocean works,  but most of all I am passionate about having time to do all of the above.  My passion it seems is directly linked to the lifestyle I want.  It seems then in my instance that my passion is my lifestyle and without my lifestyle I have no chance to explore my “passion interests”.  I have always wanted a specific life instead of specific “things”.  If I have the lifestyle,  I have the ability to explore my interests and by doing this I have a really good chance of finding this elusive “life changing passion” while having my chosen life style.

The problem it seems is that we have abandoned the possibility of having a “LifeStyle” and I am definitely not referring to the type of style  that is dictated by television marketing.  We have decided somewhere along the line that our jobs are our passion and a lifestyle is directly linked to the stuff we buy. This is why when people lose their jobs they will say “Their lives are destroyed”.  Not having time is far worse that not having a big screen TV.

I would sacrifice anything for the lifestyle I am attempting to create for myself.  I want to live and experiment with my life  vigorously  and passionately,  in short I want to be passionate about my life and those around me.

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Compos Mentis 2013

About this time every year every one goes into a frenzy to start writing down things they want to achieve for the new year.  I have come to realize that achievement is somewhat overrated and extremely exhausting!

I have for as long as I can remember penned down things I want for the new year,  and mostly this has equated to “stuff”.  I have nothing against “stuff”,  on the contrary I have one or 2 “stuffs” on my dream list for 2013,  but it is not dominated for the first time by stuff but rather by exploits and I hope exploits that for the first time will make a positive difference in the world and will inspire me!

I am for the first time looking back at the previous year and feeling quite content.  I did not accumulate a massive fortune,  but to be honest I did not really position myself to receive a fortune.  It has taken some getting used to,  this new way of living where my life not only exists to work and then spend that money on what now seems ridiculous purchases.

It has only been 2 years since we exchanged life styles,  and the first year disappeared all to quickly.  2012 was better in the sense that we established some sort of rhythm,  although not smooth yet,  better than the first year.  This year I believe will be the first year where we have adapted completely to this lifestyle and we can focus on new goals and ventures.

The one thing I have learned is that if you want something to happen you have to make it happen (very corny,  but true).  This post would not be complete without a list of endeavors for the year,  and one or 2 stuffs in between.

1:  I want to take more walks with my wife and my dogs on the beach.

2:  I would like to be a better surfer.

3:  I would like to create an app for SME’s that kicks ass in the CRM space.

4:  I want to make furniture.

5:  I want to blog more.

6:  I want to position myself to own a property.

7:  I want to appreciate more what I have.

I am sure there are a thousand other things I would like to do,  but the above 7 seems to make sense and more importantly feels achievable.  I can not achieve what I can not believe.


Describes it well!

Describes it well!

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Fear-Less (Fearless) / Free Life styling

Not a movie type fear, I would suspect this could be much worse. A fear that not only scares in the dark, but a fear that scares me to the point where I am unable to operate. My fear is not that I will succeed or won’t succeed, I am scared to live meaningless and in a cage.

I am not sure what a “meaningful life” would look like, but what I do know is that I can not imagine a life where I can not make my own decisions or decide how my days are spent. Many people would agree that we are free to choose a life that we want, but I know very few people who live as free as that.

As great as my life is at the moment I have difficulty in having faith in the universe to keep on giving as it has in the past. I have except for a very brief period never cared much for money and that would probably explain why I have never really had a fortune. My focus has always been to live as free a life as possible, and to a large extent this is what I am doing on a daily basis. My fear now is that this lifestyle might end, that this freedom might be taken away.

Every client phone call I receive causes stress that they might not be happy with the service we provide, that in turn might cause them not to use our services anymore and this will cause a drop in income and ultimately lead to my freedom being in jeopardy. Not exactly freedom if you ask me.

My aim is to achieve a zen state where I know that everything will inevitably work out. That I do choose my life and what I want in it, but that I also realise that I am in control but not always as much as we would hope to believe.

I feel an obligation because of my lifestyle to do as much as possible because of this freedom I have.  The problem now is that all my activities causes my life more stress and not less.  I am running from the one thing to the next and in the process I neglect quite a few important aspects of my life and in turn miss the whole point of living slowly.  All my “freedom” activities are  probably creating stress and stress creates fear in my life and I will be the first to admit that I do not handle fear / stress well.

My answer to this is simple (ha ha ha ha).  I actually do not have an answer,  but what I do know is that I have not moved to the ocean,  learned to surf just to have more stress.  I want to live smarter and slower,  but as with all things it takes time and a lot of practice.  It is currently a scorcher of a day,  waves seem good so I am going to start to practice what I preach!

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