You win…! The answer to non competing


Our dog trailing a winner

Our dog trailing a winner

Here we go…if you read this I am happy to announce that you win.

You do not have to convince me that you are happier and healthier.  I concede that your kids are the best,  your house is the biggest and you obviously have more money than I will ever have.  You live a fuller  and more meaningful life than I do.  I have an awesome wife,  but believe it or not we do not actually always get along and we fight from time to time.  So it seems that you have a happier marriage as well.

I am not always so certain about religion and faith and God that you have so effortlessly packaged in an easily digestible microwave dinner.  You know God better and understand the universe to a level that I will never achieve.

My dream is that I wake up with friends like yours…but alas I am a dreamless and goalless wanderer and would not fit into a reality like yours.

My only cause of action is submission and to acknowledge defeat.  I have only one request if I may.  You clearly are a better person and ambassador for the human race,  therefor there is no reason to convince me anymore.  I am happy and content to live my simple life in a quiet seaside town.  We can now chat about things that really matter,  like the weather, waves, coffee and wine.

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What is “life style”?

This is a question that has kept my mind busy for a few days now,  actually for quite a bit longer.  I have been trying to write this post for months now,  but as always I feel that I am incredibly busy with who knows what.  Here goes…

What does it mean to sustain your life style?  For most I guess this would refer to maintaining your current economic status and or upgrading to a better economic status.  I am not convinced that the aforementioned has anything to do with your lifestyle.  Your life style in my opinion is the way you spend your time on a daily basis,  and this is absolutely a choice.

Our society is still very much hung up on the idea of identifying via various tests what “job” you would be good at,  and or what fields of study you should pursue simply because you did a some test that indicated you should study accountancy as an example.  You can then after your studies focus on your career path.  This means you will study,  get a job and probably never know what your “lifestyle” is,  and as many others your lifestyle will equate to what you have and not the way you live.

It seems that instead of having tests to determine for which company we are going to work that we should rather ask people how they would like to spend their every day life and then find an economic vehicle that can sustain that way of life.  The problem with this is that we have never been exposed to this type of thinking and or possibility of living.

We focus on money as a lifestyle because we think money can buy what we lack in living.  Money does not buy a lifestyle and money does not buy freedom.  What money does buy is a false sense of security.  Your career is not your life.

Technology is making it possible to be economically part of the ‘system’ while not being in the system so to speak.  Sacrifice money for time and your return in investment will be more than you can imagine.

Enough ramblings of a crazy person who’s main focus in life is to surf better,  spend more time at home while busy with stupid experiments.

What's better than surfing?  Surfing with cool people !

What’s better than surfing? Surfing with cool people !

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