I am Cobus / AJ (Abraham Jacobus),  depending on how you got to know me.  Me and my wife stay in Hermanus in the Western Cape,  and we have done so for 2 years after we moved from Johannesburg to try and live an alternative lifestyle.

I used to be inspired to make vast amounts of money and living a life where cool cars and massive credit card debt was a given.  I worked long hours….for others and for myself to fit in and filter out those who have smaller tv’s.

I was retrenched 3 years ago and started a new venture with my long time business partner and cousin.  In the beginning the goal was also to earn as much as possible and then to start living the good life (that unattainable life promised on Top Billing:).  The “good life” is somewhat different,  better than expected but very different.

My biggest fear in life is living in a cage.  I always thought not having stuff would be horrible,  but being a slave scares the crap out of me.  Other people controlling my life for their gain is what is truly scary for me.  Obviously this is my views!  I am in no way advocating something because I claim it to be the gospel:)

Very few things irritate me as much as plastic lifestyles (and I will be the first to admit that I myself am not quite cured) and obviously my “plastic” and your “plastic” is something completely different.  Lifestyle / Magazine shows are the perfect example of what is wrong with the world in my opinion.  The media /marketing has lost the plot and in 99,9% of instances have no idea what happens in the real world.  We focus on what other people have and we so desperately want to blend in.  My favorite saying when I talk to young people is…”We work dead-end jobs that we do not like,  to buy things we can not afford to impress people we do not like”.  We consume!!

I am spiritual and believe in God.  I am definitely not a CC (Crazy Christian),  the world is pretty well stocked up on them it seems:)  My specific thoughts on christianity and the Church might not be every person’s cup of tea.

My days are currently consumed by figuring out how to achieve “my-zen”,  that place in time that makes me happy.  While doing this I try to convince corporate companies that paper is not needed and that having people work in an office from 7:00 – 19:00 (the new 9:00-17:00) might not be the ‘productive’ solution they are looking for and that there exist technologies that enable remote working.   Not to mention the impact on the environment.  We live in a world where everything is possible

In my favorite office @ Eatery having Coffee.

In my favorite office @ Eatery having Coffee.

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